The Great Aussie Hike

by | Feb 25, 2022

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The last two years have been filled with nothing but activewear uniforms, unmuting ourselves on zoom, mental health walks, and of course that all too familiar banana bread-making phase.

However, there have also been plenty of positives to come out of this period, not least of all a greater awareness of the importance of talking to your friends, family, and where appropriate, mental health professionals when something doesn’t feel right. 

One event that recognises this and has positively impacted the community here in Victoria is the Great Aussie Hike. The Great Aussie Hike is a team challenge completing either 30km, 43km, 57km or 100km courses distance through the lush hidden treasures of the Mornington Peninsula. 


The Great Aussie Hike has been specifically developed to give Aussies a tool they can use to help their mates. Something to follow up with after checking ‘Are you okay?’.


 This program utilises evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety – such as exercise in nature, goal setting and human connection. 

When we asked some teammates who are training for the Great Aussie Hike, what they were most looking forward to, the collective response was “being with my team and seeing how far we can push ourselves and each other.

However, when they reflected deeper on this, they said “actually the most critical aspect of the GAH was getting everyone over the finish line together”.


focussed while training

The team bonding and emotional strength built from this experience are second to none, and that’s why at Brooks, the minor details mean the most. Whether it be the cushioning that supports your feet on long, exhausting days, or maybe it’s the way we encourage our Run Happy motto. Either way, we are about community, connection, and support. 

To find out more about the Great Aussie Hike, click here.

Bottom line, the ideal time of day to exercise is when it is best for you. Although more research is needed in this area to draw a conclusion on exactly what time of day is the best to exercise, what we do know is that long-term exercise does in fact improve aerobic capacity, cardiac function, management of BMI, and strength. So, the evidence points to moving your body for overall wellness regardless of what time you do it.

Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

Our writer’s advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition or fitness routines.

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