Elements of Energize

by | Jan 18, 2021

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We reformulated our springiest cushioning to be 20% lighter while still offering the same incredible energy return. By altering the chemical makeup of DNA AMP to reduce its density, we cut weight while preserving the innovative technology: responsive polyurethane foam encased inside a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin that returns energy back to you. The result is our most advanced DNA AMP yet. So runners bounce back better from each step, with less weight to hold them down.


Lighter Than Ever

Newly reformed DNA AMP is now 20% lighter, without losing any of the spring in its step.


Energy Return

Our responsive foam reacts to the force of your foot landing while the TPU coating contains that energy and prevents the foam from expanding outward — returning energy to your foot instead.


Adaptive Ride

We designed our responsive midsole technologies to adjust to impact — adapting to each runner’s unique stride, weight, and speed — then firm up to provide a comfortable push-of.


Arrow-point Outsole

The arrow-point outsole pattern provides a speedy transition from heel to toe and integrates with the DNA AMP midsole to amplify the springy feel.

Levitate 4

Our best energy return, now with a lighter springy step.

Bedlam 3

Our best energy return and support, now with lighter DNA AMP.

Ricochet 3

Our best energy return served light and bold.

Revel 4

Styled to perform, with energy to spare.

Running feels good. But chasing your goals feels even better. Amplify your run with the best energy return shoes, packed with DNA AMP technology. They’re designed to give back more of the energy you put in, so reaching your goals feels easier than ever.

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