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by | Sep 9, 2021

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Brooks is proud to partner with UPPAREL, Australia’s first digital textile recycling solution, to make it easier for our running community to give their gear a second life and keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. Better yet, we’re rewarding you for doing so.



UPPAREL have made a big splash in the business of sustainability and are now leaders within the Australian circular economy.  UPPAREL work with industry (us!) and consumers (you!) to make upcycling easy and rewarding for everyone. As the major hub for textile upcycling in Australia, they give textiles a new life, provide quality clothing and footwear to Australian charities and drive innovative product development.

What’s more?  They’ve made it so easy for you to help contribute to all this you don’t even need to leave your own home.


What is the circular textile movement?

Upparel explains it as ‘designing out the waste and pollution, keeping product and materials in use, integrating them into our supply chain and closing the loop.’

THE PROBLEM:  Australian’s purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfill annually.

THE SOLUTION:  Ditch the linear fashion model and introduce a circular fashion model to truly create a sustainable fashion industry. 

UPPAREL x Brooks

At Brooks we support UPPAREL’s mission to a circular economy and want to encourage our customers to do the same. 

We are giving away $50.00 Brooks vouchers to any consumer that purchases UPPAREL X Brooks UpCircle collection service.  This service works by UPPAREL picking up your unwanted items (shoes, clothing, linen) from your front door.  Upparel then either reuse, upcycle or recycle your items so you can breathe easier (literally!) knowing your old textiles aren’t going to landfill.


It’s easy, simply:


1. Register for collection. 

Go online and book your collection. You can send 10kg for just $25. We’ll send you a $50 voucher to redeem on full-price product at Brooks Running. 

2. Gather up your unwanted items.

Gather up your unwanted clothing, linen and shoes. Ensure clothing and textiles have been given a clean, ready for someone to use and love. Shoes should be in good condition and be given a quick wipe. No underwear and bras please!


3. Let us know when to pick it up!

Pack your items ready for collection in a box or secure package. Parcel must be completely sealed (open boxes and garbage bags cannot be collected). Login to your UPPAREL account and notify them when they are ready for pick-up. 

4. We’ll organise the rest…

The UPPAREL team will book your collection within 48 hours of receiving your request and provide you with a label to attach to your package. A courier from their third-party network will then come to pick it up from your front door. Then they will get to recycling!

Got unwanted shoes, clothing or linen? 

Purchase your UpCircle collection here & redeem your $50 Brooks voucher >

To find out more about what we are doing to protect the planet we run on, read about our sustainability journey and targets here and our first carbon neutral shoe here.

Want to know about UPPAREL?  Find their details below.


Facebook: @upparelofficial

Instagram: @upparelofficial


Please note: Brooks $50 vouchers only redeemable full priced items and purchases over $100.00 on

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Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

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