Talking Men’s Health with Brooks Running Collective’s Jermaine Jones

by | Jun 14, 2024

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June 10-16 is marked as Men’s Health Week. Brooks had the privilege of having Brooks Running Collective ambassador – Jermaine Jones, speak to the team about all things Men’s Health and more importantly, focusing on Mental Health in Men.

Known for his dynamic career in sports and his unwavering commitment to personal growth, Jermaine has become a powerful advocate for mental health awareness, particularly within the male community – from cycling around Australia for Mental Health Awareness, to running for 24 hours to raise awareness and money for mental health and Starlight foundation. 

In this candid conversation, Jermaine shares his personal experiences with mental health challenges and triumphs. He delves into the stigmas men face, the importance of seeking help, and how embracing vulnerability has transformed his life. Join us as we explore the vital topic of mental well-being with Jermaine Jones and discover valuable insights on how we can all support each other in the pursuit of a healthier, more balanced life. 

Can you tell us about your own experiences with mental health and how they’ve shaped your perspective?

“My athletic journey initially started after I finished school. I remember hearing a TV presenter saying that most adults get unfit once they leave high school.

From that day I made a pack with myself to take on challenges and raise money for charities each year. Fast forward to the end of 2019 start of 2020 I sadly lost 3 of my friends over a 3 month period to suicide, all externally it looked like they had happy lives.

From these tragic events it gave me a voice to talk about my own mental health and the ability to start discussions with young men in Australia.”

Can you share a bit about your journey with Brooks and how you became an ambassador for the brand?

“After the bike ride like many people after a big event I suffered from a low and was questioning what to do with myself. I had 4 months to reflect and during this time I started to run again. I searched online for the perfect running shoe and landed on Brooks Running not just because of the running shoes but the fact that they came across as runners making shoes for runners.

It made it quite easy for me to reach out to Brooks as all of Brooks Values align with my own.”

What inspired you to get involved with Men’s Health Week and focus on mental health awareness?

“Like myself many of us men struggle to talk about our feelings and our mental heath well-being. My goal is to remove the stigma around mental health and men’s health so that we don’t feel ashamed starting a conversion within our friendship groups. A simple how are you, or are you okay, can lead to finding out that you are both going through a similar situation.”

What does Men’s Health Week mean to you, and why do you think it’s important to have a dedicated week for men’s health?

Like every day of the year we should always focus on men’s health and everyone’s health but men’s health weeks helps bring global attention to the subject of different health issues within the male community. It gives me a reminder to look at stats and educate myself which makes me realise I am not on my own.”

How do you personally maintain your mental health, especially as someone who is active and constantly on the go?

“Being consistent, meaning setting my alarm on the days I even don’t want to train because I know on the other side of my work out, I have a runners high that will last the entire day. I remind myself throughout the day that the food I put into my body has an impact on my physical and mental health.”

, What impact do you hope to achieve through your efforts in raising mental health awareness?

“I know that I will never be able to completely remove things like depression or mental health issues but I think I can make people walk away and open up to start their own conversations. People shouldn’t be ashamed about taking about their feelings because we all have our own issues, some people just hide them better than others.”

How can the running community contribute to the conversation around mental health?

“Start having conversations during run clubs. That can happen during the runs or before and after, whilst grabbing a coffee and sharing around with your friends OR raising money by taking on charity runs.”


What are your future goals, both personally and as a Brooks ambassador, in terms of promoting mental health and wellness?

“My personal goal is to grow my following to increase my voice which will give me the ability to reach more people.”


Follow Jermaine’s journey on Instagram and Youtube

Instagram: @jermaine8

Youtube: Jermaine Jones

If you would like to Donate to Jermaine’s Bondi 24 hour run to raise money for Starlight Foundation & Mindfull Aus visit the link HERE

WATCH Jermaine’s journey cycling around Australia to raise awareness for Mental Health in this short film below.

Bottom line, the ideal time of day to exercise is when it is best for you. Although more research is needed in this area to draw a conclusion on exactly what time of day is the best to exercise, what we do know is that long-term exercise does in fact improve aerobic capacity, cardiac function, management of BMI, and strength. So, the evidence points to moving your body for overall wellness regardless of what time you do it.

Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

Our writer’s advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition or fitness routines.

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