A bra for a bra, join us in empowering women across Australia.

by | Apr 20, 2022

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When we reflect on the role models who most influence our lives, it’s hard to overlook the person who held that motherly figure for each one of us. Every mum is unique, and they all teach us different qualities and lessons, but most importantly, they are there to have our back, caring for us and protecting us before we even take our first breath. 

From the day that I can remember, my mum taught me how important exercise and sport was. The mind to body connection was paramount to a balance within my body that I couldn’t describe. With this came the education of how important a good quality sports bra was, something which, when reflecting on now, I understand is not something that everyone has access to. 

This May, we have partnered with Support the Girls Australia & The Sports Bra Project to act on providing more support to women who need it. 

Who are Support the Girls & The Sports Bra Project?

Support the Girls aims to improve the well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged women by providing greater access to suitable bras, underwear, and personal hygiene products.

The Sports Bra project aims to remove barriers to sports participation for women and girls worldwide by providing new sports bras in communities where there are limited opportunities and access to sports.

So as we celebrate Mums this May, help us take action to provide greater support to women in need. For every full-price bra purchased at brooksrunning.com.au from now until the end of May, we will donate a new bra to one of our partners: Support the Girls Australia and The Sports Bra Project. 

Plus, to kickstart this initiative, we’re giving 50 bras to each organisation to assist in their efforts.

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Bottom line, the ideal time of day to exercise is when it is best for you. Although more research is needed in this area to draw a conclusion on exactly what time of day is the best to exercise, what we do know is that long-term exercise does in fact improve aerobic capacity, cardiac function, management of BMI, and strength. So, the evidence points to moving your body for overall wellness regardless of what time you do it.

Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

Our writer’s advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition or fitness routines.

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