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by | Nov 29, 2022

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Just like a marathon, the year can be filled with highs and lows, presenting unpredictable moments at any time. You can run six kilometres straight, easy no worries but then you get to kilometre twelve and it feels like you’ll never escape the pain cave.

Life has many similarities to running, and I found myself in the pain cave, at kilometre twelve of life in October this year. Feeling flat, unmotivated, and generally just tired with how big of a year it had already been. That all changed when Brooks ambassador and Ultramarathon runner Jacqui Bell invited me on her Run Escapes retreat.

The thought of exercising over three times a day, genuinely scared me. I thought well I haven’t been consistent with running or training for the past couple of months, will I actually survive this?

Turns out I did survive it and the reality of it all is, when you hit the pain cave and it feels like you aren’t going anywhere, sometimes all you need is that challenge to push yourself. Plus, spending three days up at Noosa was enough of a bargaining chip for me.

Day 1.

We started off day one with an intro, all members of the retreat arrived, and it was time to go. It wasn’t long before we kicked it off with Coach Will and Joel for workout one. The sky was covered with clouds, but the humidity was piping hot. Going into it the workouts I knew that they were there to challenge us, but this one in particular really tested my inner drive to push.

I knew the humidity was going to be high, so I opted for the Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra (in the colour night life), which has a pocket in the back (winning), the Night life shorts, accompanied by the one and only Glycerin 20’s – my cushioned saving grace when it comes to intense HIIT training. Between the challenge to get your reps, the essence of holding your body weight and the sweat, I was feeling it, but at the same time I wasn’t. I noticed that being around people who are motivating and genuinely invested in wanting the best possible outcome for you, changes the way you feel about challenges. We finished off the day with a Yoga session on the grass and a cycle class from hell, all in the name of pushing ourselves. It was magnificent!

Day 2.

We woke up at the crack of dawn to start preparing for our run. Before any run, I’m always nervous, the thoughts race through the brain– what if I’m not fast enough, or I need to stop, or what if I can’t push myself, they sometimes can be never ending. The group split into two, and we headed on our 8-15km adventure. The best thing about the power of the run, and what I noticed on this particular day was the energy and community that running brings to people. People who had never run before or considered themselves runners were completing insane kilometres like 15km in one go. When we got back, I reflected on what that meant and how special it was. The day went on to include a workout with Coaches Will & Joel, followed by a traditional Bikram Yoga session. Day two involved a lot of connection and community. My apparel kit for the day of course featured our Method short tight, the Distance Tank accompanied with the Cascadia 16s.

Day 3.

The second last day of the retreat, and at this stage my muscles were absolutely spent. We started the day off the same as last, our running groups were split into two and off we ran around the lush Noosa Hinterland. The rain was heavy, but our spirits were high. All guests were given a pair of the Ghost 15s to try on for the run, and they felt light weight, cushioned and a smooth ride for our 8km journey.

At day three, your muscles are getting to the stage where they are fatigued. So, ensuring that we took it at our own pace was essential. After the run, we enjoyed a session where we spoke about our goals and wishes for the future. Coming off of an endorphin high to being so open and vulnerable was a really powerful way to wrap day three of the experience.

The Running retreat not only refreshed my perspective on how important being able to take a break is. But also, the important of routine, consistency and being able to challenge yourself in different scenarios. I most definitely would recommend this retreat for anyone who is looking to shake up your current workout routine and I can’t thank the team at Run Escapes enough for inviting me on such a special trip.

Bottom line, the ideal time of day to exercise is when it is best for you. Although more research is needed in this area to draw a conclusion on exactly what time of day is the best to exercise, what we do know is that long-term exercise does in fact improve aerobic capacity, cardiac function, management of BMI, and strength. So, the evidence points to moving your body for overall wellness regardless of what time you do it.

Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

Our writer’s advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition or fitness routines.

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