Dads on the run.

by | Aug 18, 2022

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Five fathers share dad wisdom, running tips, and their favourite dad jokes.

Dads can be heroes. Dads can be single. Dads can be gay. Dads can be everything to their kids and their families. To celebrate all that dad can be, we spoke with five cool dudes about running, why they are proud to be a dad, ultimate dad jokes, and more.

Matt proactively makes time for the run, even though he is busy running Brooks HQ here in Australia.

Although Matt won’t take the credit, he plays a pivotal part here at Brooks providing wisdom and guidance to our entire office.

It’s no wonder why he has no time left! But, in all seriousness Matt’s guidance and courage have and do pave a path for greatness and we can only accredit his genius ideas, to him (although we’d like to take the credit sometimes!)

Asking Matt what made him most proud to be a dad, what he loves about running and his best dad wisdom was all in line with his genius wavelength. Even Bluey gets a mention!

What he loves about running: When we asked Matt about why he loves running in a snapshot he relayed that his kids are his motivation. Running enables him to take better care mentally and physically, providing a reminder of how lucky he feels to be able to have the ability to run.

Dad Wisdom: (We must advise this next sentence must be in capitals.) Matt advises, ‘WATCH BLUEY. If you can be half of the dad – Bandit Heeler, you’re doing well’.

What makes you proud to be a dad: They say that kids are intuitive to their parents’ behaviours and traits, when speaking to Matt about the elements that made him proud to be a dad, he mentioned that his daughter ‘can call him out for being a trickster, and his son can build impressive Lego/magnet builds’. You may think that these are simple traits of being a kid, and maybe they are, but for Matt, having kids that are innovative and confident are two things which mean most as they continue to grow up.

Favourite dad joke: Last week I went to the zoo, The only animal they had was a dog. It was a shitzu.

When Dave isn’t busy running triathlons, he is busy being the best role model for his kids. Even if that means eating all of his vegetables on his plate! 

importimporatHere at Brooks, we have been lucky enough to have Dave as a sponsored athlete for the past three years. His love and commitment to the brand has shone through his triathlete career, which has been nothing but eventful.

Placing third overall at the Ironman 70.3 half marathon, third in the elite category at the 2XU Tri series in March of this year and of course, placing first in being the number one Dad to his kids, his passion for running and his family are greatly admired.

What he loves about running: For Dave, surprisingly the aspect he loved the most about running wasn’t the trails or the tracks, or the freedom running provides you. Dave states ‘I love the challenge it provides, and the life lessons it teaches you. Things like overcoming hard times, riding the highs, and celebrating achievements’.

Dad Wisdom: When we asked Dave what his number one piece of advice would be for a dad, he responded, For me it’s about not just settling on being a dad and that’s it. You need to have your own goals and aspirations, that’s what makes me a better, more engaged Dad to my kids, and I would say a good role model too.’

What makes you proud to be a dad: Being a parent, or a guardian encourages you to want to be better, for Dave ensuring that he can do better so that his kids can grow up to be better is one of the most important aspects to parenting. Dave states ‘watching my kids grow up with good manners, empathy, and kindness for others is more important than anything. It makes me happy and proud’.

Favourite dad joke: Whenever my kids say ‘Dad, I’m hungry!’ I just can’t stop myself from replying ‘Hi Hungry, nice to meet you!’, I can’t help it. 😅

Sam is an Australian Professional Triathlete who is fuelled by his passion and power. Whilst winning isn’t everything, his track record of Ironman 70.3 champion encapsulates his dedication to this sport.

Sam Betten has been a force of nature in the running game since we can remember. Not only is he committed to being the best athlete he can be, but he is also committed to elevating the triathlon community by working as Marketing and communication lead at Triathlon Australia.

Sam mentions ‘Running is a way for me to enjoy finding some time to recharge mentally and enjoy being outdoors’.

What he loves about running: Sam describes his love for running as something which provides him with the opportunity to have freedom. He says, ‘Running gives, me the freedom to explore, push my physical limits and enjoy with likeminded people’. To be able to run, is ultimate power to unlock where we can take our bodies physically and mentally.

Dad Wisdom: Speaking to Sam ignited how important it is to cherish every moment with your loved ones. Sam says, ‘Enjoy every moment along the way as all the highs and lows of being a dad should be embraced and they will ALL become treasured memories as your kids get older’. Even if things feel hard, it’s important to remember you run your own race and your pace is what will see you over the finish line.

What makes you proud to be a dad: For Sam, being a dad is the biggest stage he will ever run on. The power to make an impact and positively affect his kid’s life is at the centre of why he is proud to be a dad. Sam stating ‘I am very proud to be a dad. I feel it is both a big responsibility and equally an opportunity to share in life’s adventures together as a family’.

Favourite dad joke: Where did the Helsinki Marathon end? At the Finnish line.

Steve is a man of many talents, dedicating his life to empowering and educating his clients, students, and his family. Whilst running and recovery are two important elements of his day-to-day life, family time is invaluable to himself and his wife, Mel.

Steve is a dedicated and determined Osteo, an even more so dedicated running coach and runner, but most importantly the best DAD to his three kids. Running for Steve is great for his physical, psychological, and emotional health and enjoyment. Steve also notes that he has also built-up lots of great friendships through running which has had a terrific community feel.

What he loves about running: When we spoke to Steve about what he valued from running he responded with “it’s the challenge of pushing yourself, that post run high, feeling like you have overcome and accomplished something, that’s what I love”. Steve also mentions “I also love seeing how running can affect other people in positive ways and even transforms their lives in amazing ways”.

Dad Wisdom: A parallel to when out on a run, Steve’s Dad wisdom fits perfectly to what lots of us tell ourselves when we have hit that difficult kilometre. It went something like this “Try your best, no one can, or should, ask for anymore. If you give it your best that is all you can ask and hope for”.

What makes you proud to be a dad: When talking to Steve about what made him proud to be a dad, wholesomely he reacted, “My children!! Seeing them grow and develop into the individuals they are is the proudest I can be!”. Whilst lots of us look for that next kilometre, or that next high in life, it is important to embrace the moment, good or bad, and everything in between.

Favourite dad joke: My son or daughter: “Dad, I’m hungry” Me: “Hi Hungry, I’m dad”.

Scott is a hardworking Triathlete from Victoria who values running deeply, stating “without running, I don’t feel myself”. Scott is also MEGA dad to his two kids, always ensuring he’s got enough energy to run around after them.

Scott Cadby is an Australian Triathlete, someone who is continuously prioritising mindset and organisation to achieve the best quality of life, and ditto to his races.

In addition to this, Scott uses his positive mindset and organisational skills to nurture and raise his kids. Scott envisions Brooks’ love for running and fitness, but also the happiness that comes along side it.

What he loves about running: When we spoke to Scott about his love for running, he mentioned “I love how simple running is – anyone can do it almost anywhere with very little equipment. However, conversely if you want to take your running more seriously it can be more complexed and challenging, and that’s what I love about it”.

Dad Wisdom: Similarly, to Scott’s commitment for training, fatherhood doesn’t fall far from his all-in attitude. Scott’s number one piece of advice isto put everything you have into it – especially your time & effort. What you put it is what you get out – invest time, love and energy into your children and you will both benefit from this in the long run.

What makes you proud to be a dad: Reflecting on what means most, and how to communicate this can sometimes be hard. When we posed to Scott what made him most proud to be a dad, Scott, without missing a beat said, “What makes me proud to be a dad is that it was/is a lifelong dream of mine – so I can now say with confidence (as cringey as it sounds) that I am ‘living the dream’!”. The vulnerability to be so open is something we couldn’t be more thankful for.

Favourite dad joke:

Daughter: Dad I am hungry

Dad: Hi hungry, nice to meet you. I am dad.

My daughter rolls her eyes with a sympathy half smile telling me that I am silly!

Bottom line, the ideal time of day to exercise is when it is best for you. Although more research is needed in this area to draw a conclusion on exactly what time of day is the best to exercise, what we do know is that long-term exercise does in fact improve aerobic capacity, cardiac function, management of BMI, and strength. So, the evidence points to moving your body for overall wellness regardless of what time you do it.

Keep that spring in your step this season and embrace your Run Happy journey with Brooks Running!

Our writer’s advice is intended for informational or general educational purposes only. We always encourage you to speak with your physician or healthcare provider before making any adjustments to your running, nutrition or fitness routines.

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