Jacqui Bell’s ULTRA-mate experience

by | Oct 25, 2022

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Running is a powerful tool, used by many of us to challenge ourselves, see new places, hit our step goals and more. However, for one of our very own Brooks Running ambassadors, Jacqui Bell – the run is only as powerful as the ambition to push the mind. The word Ultra in front of anything indicates something big, but for Jacqui Ultra marathons, (yes to clarify ULTRA Marathons +43kms) are her kind of kryptonite.

Jacqui has travelled around the world to compete in a range of different Ultra marathons, not only this but to add to Jacqui’s list of achievements, she is also the youngest person ever to compete in an Ultramarathon on every continent.

So, when the opportunity to compete in the Ultra X 125 in England came up, there was no way Jacqui could say no to such an opportunity. The Ultra X 125 is a two-day multistage race that spans the luxurious Peak District of England. When speaking to Jacqui about the race, she describes each race as an opportunity to see places that maybe other passionate runners may never have the opportunity to see. Even when the race gets hard, it’s thoughts like that that bring gratitude and appreciation to the experience.

Pre-race the challenge is always mental, the thoughts transpire ‘what do I want to achieve today, how will I achieve this, how far can I push my body? Jacqui speaks of tying up her trusty Caldera 6’s and heading to the start line. Reflecting that at that moment the ‘vibe around the start/finish line amongst runners + ultra x crew was special, everyone was excited, focused, and ready to really push themselves and one another.

Jacqui describes The Peak Districts as being stunning, the course itself being so beautiful that the race has got to be up there with one of her most scenic races. All Ultra courses present their challenges, but the one challenge at Peak District was the 5000m elevation. Whilst the elevation lapped over two days, the mental push to climb those mountains really encouraged all runners to dig deep.

Jacqui's final thoughts

“I straight away start to smile and think about how green it is up there, the stunning yet savage mountains I got to climb, the valleys that went on as far as the eye could see, limestone gorges and the rocky boulders I got to scramble through. I pushed myself hard on day 1 and came in tied 2nd girl and 7th overall. I honestly can say this is one of the best locations to trail run in the world”.

2023 I will be back for sure!

Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell, 27 years of age. Ultra Marathon Runner, Inspirational Speaker and Mental Health Ambassador.

Conquering 1000km’s across some of the harshest deserts and terrain in the world from the hottest desert in Africa to the Coldest in Antarctica. In 2019 she became The Youngest Person in History to run an Ultra Marathon on all 7 continents.Resilient, determined and fearless, Jacqui conquers anything she puts her mind too.

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