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by | Mar 31, 2022

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This year Brooks identified the need to do more than just acknowledge IWD and make a meaningful contribution towards #breakingthebias. With the help of our loyal community, Brooks Australia & NZ was able to donate $3,500 to STGA.

We recognised that more needs to be done to support women across all life circumstances, including here in Australia. That’s why we partnered with Support the Girls Australia.

Support the Girls is an Australian organisation that aims to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable and disadvantaged women by providing greater access to suitable bras, underwear, and personal hygiene products.

On the 8th of March 2022, we celebrated International Women’s Day.  IWD is recognised worldwide as such an important day, but it’s also crucial to recognise that NSW and QLD were experiencing some of the worst natural flooding experienced in years.

As a charity being able to support women and young girls in their time of need is vital, the NSW and QLD regions have, and are still experiencing the most devastating floods. Your very generous donation will contribute to supporting women and girls who are experiencing this devastation.

From the bottom of our hearts at STGA, we’d like to thank each person who made a purchase on International Women’s Day. We’d also like to thank Brooks Running for showing the most kind gesture by partnering with STGA & opening their platform to allow this to happen.

We would not be able to make the impact we have without Brooks & this amazing community.

Thankyou again. 

Jane Holmes

CEO & Founder, Support the Girls Australia

So how do two significant events intertwine?

The donation raised from IWD will be distributed across many areas to help empower women in rural areas across NSW & QLD. Especially women rebuilding and recovering from devastation from flooded areas. For example, the money raised will go towards female sanitary items such as dry shampoo and clothing items such as plus size underwear and bras, which the community are in desperate need of.

When considering how we support these women in rural communities, it is also essential to consider the cost of transporting items and the volunteers. The raised money will also contribute to the critical factor of getting necessary items from the warehouses out into the community.

Follow STGA here. 

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